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Stephen is a Newfie—If you remember this after meeting him --everything will fall into place! Stephen moved to BC In the spring of 1992, a few months later he met Carol and his life has been one blissful experience after another! Maybe we should tell you a bit about his professional background. Stephen has been running the front end of restaurant operations for an awfully long time! He has served and managed at large operations such as Milestones, The Texas Longhorn and East Side Mario’s. He has shaken martinis and popped champagne corks at downtown Vancouver hotels such as The Westin Bayshore and The Coast Plaza. He has run operations and delt with the unconventional whims of small independent restaurants. Most recently he had quite a long long run as owner ,wine taster, every single thing problem solver and head plumber at Blue Eyed Marys Restaurant.

Carol wallace

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Carol met Stephen in the summer of 1992. She brought a pan of brownies on their first date- they were supposed to go to a BBQ- this may have been a ruse on Stephen's part. She went to Culinary School at Malaspina College in the fall of that year . Stephen followed her

Carol married Stephen in 1993 and promptly helped him gain 50 pounds!! She loves to cook. She especially loves to bake—Stephen is a Chocoholic-- here lies the problem, or not ! Carol started an apprenticeship at Bishop's restaurant in 1994.. Stephen followed again. Carol finished her apprenticeship and continued work as pastry chef at Bishops until Frankie was born. Shortly before Frankie’s first birthday Carol and Frankie moved to Bowen Island, Stephen followed. She became the owner, chef, CFO and head bottle washer at Blue Eyed Marys Restaurant. In the summer of 2016 Carol, Frankie and Joey moved to the Comox Valley, Stephen followed.

Frankie Biddiscombe

What do you mean I have cake on my face and shirt?

What do you mean I have cake on my face and shirt?

Frankie is amazing ! Her mom is writing this but it is completely objective! Frankie has had a highly successful career as a RK(restaurant Kid). She arrived a week early—while her mom was cranking out a moonlighting catering job- Frankie was considerate enough to let her mom labour at home long enough to finish the order! Frankie spent much of her preschool years in the Blue Eyed Marys “club house” watching Barney videos, putting on puppet shows for restaurant guests, and consuming a irresponsible number of rösti potatoes. She was mentored by our beloved Sous Chef in the fine crafts of pop gun handling and “shot” pouring during her elementary years. Frankie is an accomplished Hobart Engineer. She has also mastered the Cold Kitchen Station. She has spent many hours serving guests and has not spilt a glass of water in anyone's lap ...yet! She makes the best chocolate cookies I have ever tasted and I love her, so does her dad ..and sister...most days.

Joey biddiscombe



Joey is Spectacular! Again her mom is writing this...but her Dad would say the same thing if he were writing this so it must be true! Joey was born on a dark and stormy night...on Bowen Island ...during a power outage!! Her parents are not hippies, Joey just moves fast! She is our get going girl! If we need a job done Joey will do it! Joey spent fewer hours of her formative years at Blue Eyed Marys than Frankie did ( her Grandparents finally stopped sailing and devoted much more of there time to full time grand parenting/sitting/hosting sleep over nights). However, at an early age Joey could set the entire dining room for evening service in under an hour. In more resent years Joey has held positions of : dishwasher, garde manager and most resently R&D department head.



FrankieJo's is a neighborhood space. We are here if you want a quick cup of coffee and a breakfast pastry. We would love it if you had time to sit down and be served breakfast or lunch. We can pack a meal for take out. Or if you have time for an afternoon tea service –Joey and Frankie – can host a pretty good tea party!--they've gone way beyond mud pies!


It is our delight to bring pleasure to people through food in a comfortable and relaxed environment